Thursday, October 27, 2011

Haute Travels Beauty Presents Sam Fine

Hosting my very first Haute Travels Beauty event featuring Sam Fine has been the highlight of the year. After picking the perfect team and bringing Mr. Fine on board everything fell into place. I’m a story teller so making sure that the event offered an experience was a priority. Every girl left with her own unique story after getting personal time with the man they most admire in the makeup industry, Mr. Sam Fine. He was engaging, smart, witty, but most of all authentic. He was the perfect complement to a dream come true.

I’m also happy to say that we raised awareness for Living Water for Girls among those in the beauty industry. This is an amazing organization that works to help little girls who look like us escape the world of child sex exploitation and trafficking. It’s my mission to bring the worlds of beauty and philanthropy together to make a difference… and be a Force of Beauty because being pretty is not enough.

For all the girls and guys who came out to support Haute Travels Beauty, I’m excited to have made some of your dreams come true. I’m not a beauty industry insider-but rather a girl who likes to play with makeup. It was very special for me to have you girls say, “Thank you for what you’re doing for our industry.” I’m humbled by all of your support… particularly San Tara and Jennifer who Tweeted, posted info on Facebook and emailed their friends the information about the beauty seminar… and I’ve never met them! But, they are the kind of friends that every girl should have support and invest in her goals, dreams and desires.

I’m not sure what the next Haute Travels Beauty event will look like but it will be HAUTE! My team of dream makers will be there to make sure that everything goes off perfectly… thank you Mary, Ernest, Sam, Robin, Lori, Gwynnis, Jayda, Nubia, Lydia, Crystal, Lisa, Connie, Yvette and my mom for all of your support!

Will you join our next Haute Travels Beauty event?

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