Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I learned from Sam Fine is HAUTE!

Sometimes we meet people who inspire us in ways that we’ve never expected. I can honestly say that Sam Fine is more than an accomplished celebrity makeup artist to me. He’s a great role model for girls in any field… and the magic that surrounds him can easily rub off on you.

In just the brief time that I spent with Sam, during his virit to Atlanta to headline my first Haute Travels Beauty event, I got to meet the guy who is intuitive, smart, funny and so professional. I still remember our conversations in those spare moments before and after the beauty event that always left me with something to think about.

One thing that really stood out, Sam kept telling me to think beyond 2011… because the work of 2012 was already underway. He encouraged me to celebrate accomplishments even when venturing out to do something for the very first time. And he always seems to know when there was something more on my mind. I love that he follows his heart and takes on projects that speak to him or excites him in some way. After all, isn’t that what passion is all about?

I’ve never met anyone who was more generous with his knowledge, wisdom and time than Sam. And I’m thrilled that I got to meet someone that made me think about my next steps six months from now instead of just tomorrow. I’m especially excited that this wasn’t a one-time encounter on a red carpet or step and repeat moment, but a genuine conversation with someone who makes you think and inspires you to dream bigger. Thank you Sam!

What have you learned from MUA Sam Fine?

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