Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haute Travels 2012!

This year, my Haute Travels blog is evolving to more than just where I travel; it’s all about a lifestyle. My blog is a place where I get to write about anything that inspires me or helps me discover something about myself that I can share with you.

My haute travels may take me to amazing destinations, cool places in my hometown or self-reflective moments that inspire and motivate me to live my life better. I’ll even introduce you to some friends, some famous others are more low key but nonetheless just as wonderful. But, they all have one thing in common; they teach me things about myself that inspires me to live in the moment.

Confidence, inner beauty and a great glow are the things that you take with you every time you leave your home. And yes, from time to time I’ll tell you about what’s new in Paris, London or my favorite little Islands in faraway places. And yes, I’m planning another Haute Travels Beauty event and fashionable night out event so stay tuned.

There’s just one thing left to say… Welcome to Haute Travels 2012!

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