Friday, July 13, 2012

"Southern Sports and Travel has been an invaluable source of information for fans of the MAIS, providing not only statistics, but great articles about the different teams. Coaches and fans alike are rewarded from its reading and I personally enjoy and appreciate the coverage of the MAIS. Thank you Southern Sports & Travel."
Leake Academy Athletic Director & Girls Head Basketball Coach Doyle Wolverton
"Southern Sports & Travel has given a perfect venue to promote MAIS sports and acknowledge the accomplishments of our student athletes. All MAIS patrons and schools should do whatever is in their power to help this website flourish because the kids deserve it."
Marshall Head Basketball Coach Craig Dailey 
“Darron is a great ambassador for the MAIS and its member schools. He is professional in his work and writes detailed, positive articles that reflect well on our association.”
Jackson Prep Head Basketball Coach David Horner
"Southern Sports & Travel does a great job covering MAIS sports through his site Southern Sports and Travel. Our players know it is a big game and are excited when he comes to cover our games! Without Southern Sports and Travel our schools and students would get very little recognition."
Simpson Academy Head Football Coach Billy Wayne Hankins
"Southern Sports and Travel has been an excellent source of up to date information for me. It's the first place I look after a ballgame to find scores all across the state. Thanks Darron for all your hard work!"
Parklane Academy Head Baseball Coach Michael Clements

"Southern Sports & Travel provides information about our association that cannot be found anywhere else. From game recaps to district standings, it's all available here. Darron's work allows schools such as ours to gain exposure that local media outlets do not provide."
East Rankin Head Basketball Coach Michael McAnally
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate Darron Thomas and his work with Southern Sports and Travel. The website is great for exposure for MAIS athletes and schools. Darron's knowledge of the MAIS makes it not only informative but extremely credible. Our kids are always excited for Southern Sports and Travel to visit Rees Gym."
Presbyterian Girls Head Baskeball Coach Missy Bilderback
"Southern Sports & Travel is the best sports website for MAIS sports. It is a great unbiased, factual sports sight. It is a great tool for coaches to keep up with box scores and district standings. I frequent the site often during the season."
Hillcrest Christian Boys Head Basketball Coach Wes Prather
"This site is a blessing to every Coach and to the MAIS. It gives accurate information about the sports experiences of our student/athletes in every classification. Southern Sports & Travel’s commitment to our kids and to our academies is unbelievable and their knowledge of our sports is excellent. As a basketball coach, I find their articles to be better than most scouting reports I can obtain from other coaches. I pray everyone will support this site by purchasing a sponsorship."
Simpson Academy Girls Head Basketball Coach David Granville
"Southern Sports and Travel has become the "must view" website for our entire school, along with the entire association. Players, parents, staff, and alumni turn to SST on a daily basis to get all the latest news and events."
Columbia Head Basketball Coach Reid McCay
"We advertise on Southern Sports & Travel because we are building a basketball program, and it is absolutely the best way to stay on top of MAIS scores and trends. Supporting a resource as valuable as this makes perfect sense. The MAIS must agree since they have made it the official location for playoff scores after each game. Our schools are so far apart, we need this service to bridge the gap."
Riverfield Academy Girls Head Basketball Coach Dave Farrell

"Southern Sports & Travel is the absolute best site on the internet to get up-to-date articles and information on MAIS sports. Our athletes really appreciate the coverage that Darron provides."
West Memphis Christian Boys Head Basketball Coach Jeff Dalton
"Thanks to Southern Sports and Travel and Darron Thomas, we can have almost immediate scores and news about what is happening in the MAIS throughout the school year. He does a great job of promoting all our youngsters and providing information. The site is very user friendly. What a great job Darron does. I check for basketball scores every night during the basketball season. We appreciate all the information and interviews."
Starkville Academy Girls Head Basketball Coach Glenn Schmidt
"Southern Sports & Travel is my #1 source of sports information in MAIS. I can't tell you how many times we have come in after a ball game, whether it be football, basketball, soccer or baseball, and wanted to know what other schools did. The first thing all of our staff does is head to the computer to pull up Southern Sports & Travel."
River Oaks Assistant Football Coach Dalton LeBleu
"I visit Southern Sports & Travel because it is so efficient and easy to keep up with all of MAIS sports. The Clarion Ledger never covers the Louisiana schools so I rely strictly on Southern Sports & Travel. It has been a great help to myself and my entire coaching staff."
Silliman Girls Track Coach Sharon Kline
"Darron Thomas and Southern Sports and Travel have meant so much to the Centreville Academy Tiger Baseball team and fans in our quest for back to back state championships. The coverage has enabled our fans to keep abreast of our games. The coverage of our players signing college scholarships was awesome. Darron, please keep up the great work. "
Centreville Academy Baseball Coach Jason Horne

"Southern Sports & Travel does a tremendous job of getting around to various schools and ensuring that many of our athletes in the MAIS are covered. I hear from kids, parents, and fans all the time about stories or items that appear on Southern Sports & Travel. It is THE source for MAIS news and standings."
Heritage Academy Head Basketball Coach Gary Harris

"I really appreciate all the hard work that Darron does accumulating all the scores, stories, and stats weekly. Southern Sports & Travel is my number one site for keeping up with the MAIS sports."
Leake Academy Head Football Coach Brian Pickens
"Southern Sports site is the only way for me to stay connected to news concerning the MAIS (MPSA in my days)schools of which I was a part for 38+ years. Thank you very much for the excellent coverage."
Billy Swindle, former Administrator of Woodland Hills Baptist Academy and Parklane Academy

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